Who is Cecilia Grey?

I am Cecilia Grey. In 2020, after years of listening to hours of podcasts by women I admired in business and entrepreneurship, I started The Applaud Her podcast, then to be renamed The Applause podcast. I started the podcast out of the desire to prompt more conversations of advocacy among women in and outside of the workplace. From the podcast episodes I heard and created, I also grew inspired by the women that had embarked on their own creative and entrepreneurial journey to start my own.

In 2021, I had to make the tough decision to end the podcasts, but I wanted to keep the creativity and conversations going. So that is where The Applause blog and digital magazine were created.

Combined with my creative talents and eye for curated design in the realms of web, fashion, and lifestyle, I knew I’d one day create a digital space to produce and share the products, experiences, and, hopefully, people that will inspire and captivate an audience to embark on their creative journey. Or, at the very least, take one small step towards pursuing what you’ve known you were capable of but needed a little extra motivation.

Everyone deserves, The Appplause.

What is The Applause? 

Combining creativity, innovation, and technology, The Applause promotes brands and products that encourage confidence, creativity, and individuality. I hope that sharing products that have helped me do better and feel better throughout my day will promote a life of pure joy, confidence, and courage, as well as one filled with more inclusion and diversity as I learn through shared experience.

As women, let’s commit to walking arm-in-arm with the other women in our lives to forge new paths to opportunity. Dedicated to recognizing women for their courage, ingenuity, and determination, The Applause is committed to elevating the voices of all women.  

Inspired by my need and desire to see and hear more advocacy conversations among women, I decided that the only way to find them was to create them. I wanted to hear more conversations among women advocating for each other. I want to see us applaud each other.