The 3 Best Dry Shampoos for Dark Hair

I have naturally wavy and dry hair, but when it gets greasy, it latches onto that grease like the only thing saving its life. So by day three or four of not washing my hair, I need something that will absorb that like a sponge.

I’ve tested a few shampoos before stumbling upon these cans of shampoo magic that make my daily greasy locks look fresh and new.

Besides absorbing my hair’s oils, these shampoos make styling my hair manageable. For example, I love working out, and some days I go for a run the day after a dinner date or night out with friends. I am very tempted to wash my hair on days like that, but I resist it because I know that letting my hair set into those oils is healthy for its conditioning and repair. So, instead of washing, blowdrying, and running my hair straightener over it, I spritz a few sprays of one of these featured dry shampoos, give it a brush, and add some curls.

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Before using dry shampoos, I thought that having dark hair meant oils were more prominent. It is still valid. However, since washing my hair less and using dry shampoo more, I’ve found that my hair has become less oily. Besides helping me train my hair to be less oily, I’ve found that these shampoos are also great for my hair’s health. My hair feels less coarse and dry and more conditioned, flowy, and soft.

If you’ve adopted a similar hair-wash routine, you know that hair gets pretty flat by the third or fourth day. Each of these shampoos adds volume without adding residue to hair.

With Spring in bloom and Summer upon us, these dry shampoos will be stocked on my hair styling shelf to quickly reach for after a beach yoga session, pool lounge day, or a workout class; with these on hand, my hair will be healthy and clean, while helping me to style my hair and head out to a Sunday brunch.

Let me know if you give these a try! I’d love to know your thoughts.